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Etherical Portfolio Update January 2018

After an expected slowdown over the holidays, Etherical has started the new year with a bang. Our referral program is working well and many new token holders have joined us. We already paid out our first tokens from selling down a small amount of our position in Presearch. We have expanded our portfolio to six tokens, with at least 1 more to be announced in the next couple of weeks.
We are building up a portfolio of diverse and exciting projects. So far the common characteristics across all of them are strong teams and a real underlying business attached to their token, which will drive demand beyond just speculation. Things move fast in the alt-coin world. Presearch has gone public on 2 exchanges and is already showing a strong profit. Envion have completed the #6 largest ICO in history, raising more than $100 million. We expect strong demand for their token which should be public soon.
Please check for updates.
3DT - Nanotechnology, robotics, 3d printing
CPY - Monetizing digital images
STQ - Like Etsy or Shopify on the blockchain
SHLT - Disrupting disaster relief
PRS - []( Get paid cryptocurrency to search
EVN - []( Mobile Crypto Mining
When is the next payout?
Almost all token holders elected to receive a premium return in ZEA tokens at an effective return of about 15%. Future payouts will be made in ZEA. If a stock paid a 15% dividend its shareholders would be amazed, but that would most likely be once per year. Etherical will pay out to token holders every time we exit a position profitably. Some of our recent purchases are in late stages of their ICOs now, so we expect there to be several more succesful exit events in the near future.
Do you plan to list on Exchanges?
Yes, definitely. Ideally we want to see ZEA trading on every major exchange, but for the first year this is not a realistic goal. During our pre-sale and main token generation event, only Etherical can sell tokens. After the Token Sale is over, we will seek listing on major exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Coinexchange. The decision to list a token is up to the exchange, we cannot predict which ones will agree to list ZEA.
How do I get more bonus? Anyone spending more than 2 ETH or 0.2 BTC, will get a +30% base bonus (the base is currently +20%) If you use your own referral code to purchase more ZEA, you will get an extra +5% bonus for using a referral code AND a +5% referral bonus If you purchase or refer more than 10 ETH or 1 BTC of sales with your code, you will be elevated to our Gold Star Referral level. This doubles the referral bonus to +10% We will announce a Bounty marketing program in the coming weeks.
When will the Pre-Sale end and the Token Sale begin?
After we reach our Soft Cap of 100,000 ZEA, we will initiate plans for the main sale. Right now our expectation is we will hit this some time in Q2 2018. We will run the Token Sale for a month, or less if we reach our hard cap of 1 million ZEA.
How do BTC/ETH price drops affect Etherical?
We adjust our prices usually on a daily basis. The base price of a ZEA token is approximately US$15. You may be able to scoop up a bargain, depending on which cryptocurrency you choose at purchase time.
Etherical Alpha is a good hedge against fluctuations in the Bitcoin and Ethereum price, since we are buying at discounted rates at an early stage. New tokens are more likely to increase in price as awareness of their project spreads and demand grows, even if demand for "old coins" like BTC and ETH falls off. We are already seeing pre-ICOs adjusting their prices in favor of the purchaser if the ETH price drops, which is an added advantage for Etherical.
We believe this is just the beginning of the crypto revolution, and that the overall market cap of cryptocurrencies will exceed $1 trillion this year. Our strategy is not to bet everything on finding the "one coin" that will perform the best, but rather to invest in projects that we think are likely to see immediate success and only get stronger as the word about them spreads. One question we ask is "would we be OK with holding this token for 3 years if it does not perform immediately", and for all of our portfolio the answer is yes.
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